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2020 Parenting Conference (September)
This is the second online conference for St. Athanasius. The theme was inspired by a previous presentation titled “Difficult Conversations” by Dr. Philip Mamalakis, who delivers the keynote. The seven presentations include Is God Real? (Fr. Patrick Cardine), Sexuality (Fr. Raphael Barberg), When Parents Disagree (Presv. Kerry Pappas), The Influence of Friends (Fr. Michael Nasser), Sibling Rivalry (Kh. Gigi Shadid), Discipline vs. Anger (Fr. John Finley). ($7)

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2020 Parenting Conference (February)​

The inaugural online conference for St. Athanasius Academy. The eight presentations are Evangelizing Our Children (Fr. Patrick Cardine), Difficult Conversations (Dr. Philip Mamalakis), Spare The Rod (Fr. John Finley), Motherhood Expectations (Elissa Bjeletich), Screentime & Technology (Jamil Samara), Family-based Youth Ministry (Steve Christoforou), Overcoming Boredom (Fr. David Smith), and Parenting Adult Children (Bp John). ($7)

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