Thursday, January 26th – First Book of American History: Ch. 23 & 24

Glory to God!

Due by class time on Tuesday, January 31st, please read Chapters 23 & 24 in A Child’s First Book of American History and answer the following questions directly on Moodle:

  1. In chapter 23, where does the word “Texas” come from? (1-2 complete sentences)
  2. Where did the horses of the Southwest come from? (1-2 complete sentences)
  3. What part did the Alamo play in what would become the State of Texas? (1-2 complete sentences)
  4. In chapter 24, what was one of the features that Mark Twain loved so much about the Mississippi River? (1-2 complete sentences)
  5. What boats were most successful at sailing the Mississippi? Using your knowledge of steam engines, how might they work? (1-2 complete sentences)
  6. Speeds of the runs between cities on the Mississippi became followed just as much as what national sport today? (1-2 complete sentences)