Thursday, January 19th – NO CLASS (Reading Assignment)

Glory to God!

Due to Old Calendar Theophany, I will be absent for American History for Thursday, Jan. 19th, but there will be a reading assignment over the weekend from our textbook from chapters 21 & 22, with the following questions to answer directly on Moodle:

  1. In Chapter 21, who were “The Mountain Men” supposed to be? (1-2 complete sentences)
  2. What sort of tribes could be found on the trail from St. Louis to Santa Fe? Which tribe required the “closest watching” and why? (1-2 complete sentences)
  3. Besides certain Indian tribes, what other sort of dangers existed? (1-2 complete sentences)
  4. In chapter 22, what was the first thing to happen in a place called Dedham, Massachusetts? (1-2 complete sentences)
  5. What was apprenticeship training? (1-2 complete sentences)
  6. Describe discipline in Early American schools. (1-2 complete sentences)