Thursday, January 12th – First Book of American History: Ch. 19 & 20

Glory to God!

Due by class time on Tuesday, January 17th, please read Chapters 19 & 20 in A Child’s First Book of American History and answer the following questions directly on Moodle:

  1. On the first page of chapter 19, the phrase “pig in a poke” is used. Research the phrase and describe what it means. (1-2 complete sentences)
  2. Who were some of the tribes Lewis & Clark met along their journey? Name at least 5. (1-2 complete sentences)
  3. Based on your reading of chapter 19, why was Sacagawea an “invaluable ally”? (1-2 complete sentences)
  4. In chapter 20, why did the United States impose an “embargo”? And what sort of impact did it have? (1-2 complete sentences)
  5. Who were the “Warhawks” and why were they called that? (1-2 complete sentences)
  6. Who was the American leader in the Battle of New Orleans? How did he become even more important in American History later on? (1-2 complete sentences)