The Hobbit, Chapter 1: Quiz

This quiz is designed to journey with you while you read Chapter 1.

Before you read Chapter 1

Define the following words:

  1. Scuttle
  2. Flummoxed
  3. Conspirator
  4. Audacious
  5. Remuneration

Match the following words to their definitions:

  1. Throng
  2. Prosy
  3. Immense
  4. Wits
  5. Depredations

While you read Chapter 1

Make a list of all the character names introduced in Chapter 1.

After you read Chapter 1

Answer the following questions in complete sentences:

  1. Who is Biblo Baggins?
  2. Write a short description of a Hobbit.
  3. What does Gandalf do with the spike on his staff just before leaving Bilbo’s home?
  4. Who began to arrive at Bilbo’s home the next day for tea?
  5. What makes you think that Thorin is the leader of the Dwarves?
  6. What does Thorin say happened to his family’s wealth?

Apply the story to your life! Answer the following questions.

  1. How does your family normally prepare for guests?
  2. How would you feel to have so much uninvited company?
  3. How would you treat your uninvited company?
  4. Bilbo battles with his personality. He comes from two very different families, his mother’s Took side and his father’s Baggins side. List some character traits from both your mother and your father’s sides of the family that are different.