Self-Test Lección 9 (Due before next class)

To study for your Self-Test, Review errors you marked in Textbook and Workbook, Study vocab at end of TB, WB and in Vocab boxes and-or review Quizlets and Conjuguemos links from this 2-week Lección. Then review sentences we have practiced yesterday for the Self-Test preparation.
To find Self-Tests in book, see the back. Same for Answers.

Complete your self-test from memory without looking at other resources. Send to

To Find the online Workbook, Self-Test and Audio file assignments: :

*Tom’s Destinos Files brings you to _Destinos

Then select:

_Org by artifact type (transcr, workbk, etc)

_Workbook1 chapters (for Workbook Lessons and Self-Tests at end)

_Workbook3 audios (to find Workbook and Self-Test Audio)

To find the online Answer Key for both Workbook and Self-Test (at end of Answers document):

*Tom’s Destinos Files brings you to _Destinos

Then select:

_Destinos Bckgrd FrntMtr & App

_Destinos Workbook-Study Guide

_Destinos WkbkStyGd Ib Ep 01-26…. – contains Workbook and Self-Test Answer Keys

How to grade Self-Tests

In the left hand column before each question with an error, write -1 for completely incorrect answers, where multiple points and answers were expected, and verb spelling errors.
In the left hand column before the question, write -.5 for partly correct answers or and other spelling errors.
I will grade your individualized answers for Gramática writing prompts. Each prompt gets a third of its points from: Attempting a complete sentence with verb, using and spelling verb correctly, being otherwise logical with good spelling.
Correct your mistakes with contrasting red/ green pen, or highlighter so I can see you understand.
Write total points you know you missed at the top of the page and turn in to me.