Principal’s letter for Spring 2024

Hello, SAA Families! 

Blessed Feast of Theophany!

Happy New Year! We are excited to welcome our students back to school for the 2024 spring semester. We hope that all of you were able to rejuvenate while spending precious time with your family and loved ones. We are thrilled about the upcoming semester and the exciting things everyone will learn.

As we begin 2024, let us all choose to be better together by our shared experience this past year. This past year does not wholly define us, but it is a part of who we are, and it is rich with blessings and struggles that can teach us more about God, ourselves, and our neighbors, and draw us together. At the same time, let us look forward to a fresh beginning where we are stronger, healthier (spiritually, mentally, physically), and inspired to engage in learning with intellectual curiosity and holy wonder.

Students, you are the pearl of great price at SAA. May your semester be richly blessed! Be courageous in engaging with your new material this semester. May you learn many new things about God, yourselves, this holy Creation. Remember that it is okay when you don’t know or understand something, because you are a student. Remember that it is okay to ‘fail’ at something or make ‘mistakes’. Mistakes can be like ice. If we resist them, we may keep on slipping. If we include mistakes in our definition of learning, we are likely to glide right through them and appreciate the beauty of the longer run. If you’re doing everything ‘right’, you’re not challenging yourself enough to learn what you really need to learn. This attitude is difficult to maintain in our competitive culture where so much attention is given to mistakes and criticism that the voice of learning is interrupted. The risk true education invites us to take becomes a joyous adventure only when we stretch beyond our known capacities, while gladly affirming that we may fail. So, if you ‘fail’ at anything this semester, say, ‘How fascinating!’ and reroute your attention to the higher purpose at hand. Be strong in the Lord of learning! May God bless you!

Parents and guardians, remember that by God’s grace you are your child’s primary educator. What a marvelous responsibility and blessing! Your continued support and involvement in their education are essential to their success. All of us at SAA keep you and them in our prayers, and we look forward to another semester of collaboration and growth. May it be blessed! God bless you!

In Christ,
Fr. Matthew

Fr. Matthew Snowden