Orthodox Schools

Yes, you can start an Orthodox school at your church!

St. Athanasius Academy has a blessing to help churches start schools. Even small churches can have a school.

What is the pedagogy?

At St. Athanasius, we help the parish develop its own pedagogy based on the Orthodox faith, the local vision, and the local talent. Instead of a philosophy of education, St. Athanasius helps the parish embrace a theology of education. 

​How do you help?​

We hold your hand in the form of coaching and consulting while you develop the perfect school for your parish. At launch day, the church will advertise the parish school. This is not a franchise/satellite model of St. Athanasius. Each parish owns and directs the school. We are involved as long as you need us.

What do I do next?

  1. Organize the people most committed and interested into an Exploratory Committee. 
  2. Meet with your priest and get his blessing.
  3. Contact us to schedule an intake with one of our staff: principal@saaot.edu.
  4. Your priest is welcome to be present at any and all meetings.
  5. Fill out Orthodox School Interest Form and email to the address above, thank you!

When can we start the school?

The further out the better, but some schools can be started in less than a year. It takes time to evaluate resources, plan out the schedule, hire teachers, and check all the boxes related to starting a school. That’s why we are excited to help!

Where are the schools you have started?

Because this is a new project at St. Athanasius, we have recruited a team of people who have started schools. Each person on the team brings unique expertise. 

Orthodox School Interest Form