Parent & Student Accounts

Parent accounts:

1) View only ‚Äď check a student‚Äôs progress, under ‚ÄúStudent Progress‚ÄĚ (left side menu bar).¬† No progress to report or assignments to hand in with KTL.

2) Parent‚Äôs cannot access Lesson links, course materials, or class Zoom sessions from their accounts.* Your child (or you) must log into a Student account.

3) Update payment method, check status of recurring payment plan; and update personal info.

4) Parent emails are linked to Student emails to receive class updates, class announcements; correspondence with instructors.

*It is important for parents to complete the registration process for their children by adding and linking their child with a viable email. Student accounts can then be linked to course selections. Please check your Parent account to make sure all is correctly linked.

Student accounts:
1) Link to weekly KTL pre-recorded Lessons (or) SAA Zoom class session links* and access to assignments, tests, quizzes, etc.

2) Upload assignments according to the Instructors’ directions.

3) Contact course Instructor

4) Update Student email and reset password in ‚ÄúEdit Profile‚ÄĚ. Confirmation emails are not sent with these updates.  

*If you do not see a¬†class¬†Zoom link posted, please check “Materials” or on the lesson page first, and if not there, please email your teacher first, or admin.

Please Email for forgotten usernames and reset passwords, or if you are needing additional assistance prior to Orientation week.

Response times may be delayed up to 24 hours during the week of Orientation, August 21-23, and during first few weeks classes begin on August 27th.