SAA’s Parent/Guardian Commitment Form

“Train up a child in the way he should go, and when he is old he will not depart from it.” -Proverbs 22:6

I understand that as an SAA parent/guardian, I am the primary educator and am key in the formation of my student. I understand that the role of St. Athanasius Academy is to assist me in my student’s education and faith formation by offering enrichment courses with experienced instructors. I understand that SAA exists to provide an Orthodox Christian learning environment and a quality education, and that the school procedures and regulations are designed to meet both of these goals. I understand that my active support and participation is required in this process. Therefore, I understand:

SAA’s Theology of Education

  • That SAA views education as a process of developing minds and improving hearts by providing academic instruction in the light of Orthodox Christian truth and experience.
  • That SAA does not want me to be alone in my efforts to homeschool my student, views itself as an enrichment of my homeschooling and not a substitute, and strives to empower me to homeschool my student by offering enrichment courses with experienced instructors.
  • That SAA views me, as parent/guardian, as the primary educator of my student, and expects my active support and participation in my student’s SAA experience.

SAA’s Parent Participation

  • I am expected to participate in SAA’s Parent Orientation Zoom Meeting (Date to be announced before the beginning of the academic year).
  • I am encouraged to attend with my student during the Orientation Week class periods if I am available (The first week of the academic year).
  • I am expected to support my student’s progress and commit to:
    • Checking in regularly with with my student so that I am knowledgeable about their class progress, assignments, etc.
    • Working with my student at home at least 20-30 minutes daily to help them keep up with their material and assignments. 
    • Reading and responding to SAA Administration and/or Faculty communications sent by email or posted online by the school.
    • Upholding SAA and its instructors in their administration of academic discipline and policies.

SAA’s Student Class Participation

  • I understand it is my responsibility to provide for my student’s full participation in class time and commit to:
    • Ensuring my student has access to adequate computer and media technology to fully participate in class.
    • Ensuring my student has all required texts and materials to fully participate in class.
    • Ensuring my student has access to a quiet/secluded space in which to attend class periods.
    • Ensuring my student attends class punctually.
    • Ensuring my student completes their homework on time.
    • Ensuring my student upholds the Student Commitment Form.

SAA’s Learning Challenges Policy

  • I understand that SAA does not currently have trained staff for students with learning challenges, differences, or special needs.
  • I understand that SAA does not currently have Special Needs Consultants and Social Workers available to provide assessment, resources, encouragement, and support to students with special educational needs, their parents, or our instructors.
  • I understand it is not unusual for children to experience fatigue and frustration while learning new academic material and skills. Knowing this, prior to requesting a change from SAA for these reasons, I will work with the instructor and the school, by giving positive reinforcement to my child and supporting instructor interventions.
  • I understand that my child’s classroom includes students of all academic levels. If my child is not achieving at my expected level because I assume that the class pace/instruction is inhibiting my child’s academic performance, I will work with the instructor and the school befor requesting a change in class assignment.
  • If my child is experiencing difficulty in learning, not responding to appropriate interventions, and found through formal evaluations to have a learning challenge that directly impacts his/her success, I understand reassignment and/or tutoring may be recommended by the school.

SAA’s Transfer/Withdrawal Policy

  • **Clergy Scholarships (and any other scholarships for SAA courses) are not eligible for refunds.**
  • Student withdrawals and subsequent payment cancellations are subject to review for approval by SAA Administration.
  • Refunds (if approved) are processed within 5-7 business days after approval.
  • All withdrawals are subject to an administrative fee:
    • Through June 30th: $35 fee per class withdrawal
    • July 1st–September 1st: $75 fee per class withdrawal
    • After September 1st: No refund and $75 fee per class withdrawal
  • SAA reserves the right to decline class transfer requests and will process class transfer requests as withdrawals along with the appropriate administrative fee.

SAA’s Payment and Refund Policy

  • I understand I am required to honor all payments of fees, registrations, etc., to SAA.
  • I understand that I am required to purchase any texts, materials, etc., required for my student’s classes.
  • I understand that SAA reserves the right to determine if my refund request meets the qualifications set forth in its policies.

I have read and understand the policy requirements expected of parents registering children at St. Athanasius Academy for the year 2023-2024. I agree to the terms of this Commitment and to the Student Commitment Form of my child.