Due to the nature of our purpose and content, we are strict and specific in faculty qualifications.​

  • All faculty must be members in good standing with an Orthodox Christian Church that is in communion with the Antiochian Archdiocese of North America ( We do not put this requirement on students.
  • If there is a desire to teach an Orthodox studies class (Lives of the Saints, Sacraments, etc), then the applicant must be clergy or have a post-secondary certificate/degree higher in Orthodox Theological Studies. Examples include an Orthodox seminary, St. Stephen’s Certificate Program, etc. At the discretion of the dean and on a case-by-case basis, monastics may be exempt from this requirement.
  • If a layperson or minor clergy, letter of recommendation from the parish priest AND father confessor (if not the same person).
  • If a deacon, letter of recommendation from the parish priest may be required.
  • If an Antiochian priest, a private interview with the dean may be required.
  • If a clergy from another jurisdiction, the dean may require a letter of recommendation from the applicant’s respective hierarchy or pertinent ecclesiastical authority.


All job openings are contract-based, remote (work from home)

We estimate the weekly commitment at 60-90 minutes according to a 16-week semester schedule.​

Compensation: All positions are paid 75% of student tuitionOur teachers also receive a scholarship toward any of their children enrolled with SAA, paying only $35 per class for the year.  Our classes have 5-12 students. We have three tuition tiers. The higher tuition rate is for core subjects, Middle School and High School, that meet twice a week.  Elementary core subjects, Orthodox Studies, and electives are in the second tier for the year. Half semester classes are in the third tier.
+ The first tier tuition is $430 for each class per student for the whole academic year enrolled in Middle School and High School subjects. This is for classes that meet twice a week.
+ The second tier tuition is $320 for each class per student for the whole academic year enrolled in KeimTime Learning, 4th & 5th grade Elementary core subjects, and for classes that meet once a week, such as our religious study courses.
+ The third tier tuition is $160 for one-semester classes per student enrolled that meet once a week.
We have a no interest payment plan to collect tuition.  Clergy Family Discounts pay in full at the time of registration.


  • At 75% Teachers are paid $323 per student for first-tier,  $240 per student for the second-tier, and $120 per student for the third-tier.
    Examples in Compensation
  • 5 students at third-tier tuition: $600 for semester
  • 10 students at the second-tier tuition: $2,400 for the year
  • 5 students at the first-tier tuition: $1,615 for the year
  • 10 students at the higher-tier tuition: $3,230 for the year
  • Monthly paychecks per semester: Fall: September, October, November, December and Spring: February, March, April, May

To apply, please send an email to with the following information:

  • Name
  • Phone
  • Curricula Vitae/resume (show your qualifications to teach the subject area)
  • Which subjects you want to teach (in order)​
  • Preference for middle or high school
  • Why you are interested in this position
  • Your jurisdiction, parish membership, pastor’s name, and contact information
  • A letter of recommendation is not required until a job offer is extended.