Year FOUR (3rd grade) Keim Time Learning

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Year 4 will encourage reading of good books and producing short, concise summaries. We will continue our use of cursive writing. The student will explore mathematical concepts, grammar rules, the human body in God’s image, and a history overview as presented in the book A Child’s History of the World by Dr. Hillyer. At the end of this year of the series a child is expected to be a good reader, a good writer, a good speaker, and a good thinker. 


Read Aloud list:
Black Ships Before Troy
Wanderings of Odysseus 
Sarah Plain and Tall
Little Pilgrim’s Progress
Theras and His Town

Please note:  Book lists are not required to be purchased, unless you want to fill your home library.  Sh. Shell reads them at the end of each daily lesson. 

Keim Time Learning

Sh. Shell Keim is offering a complete, pre-recorded option for all kindergarten through 3rd-grade students. The curriculum is included for each grade! This video series has been made to help homeschool parents begin the journey of educating their children at home. Each week you will receive a short parent video that will give you an overview of what we will be talking about that week. The curriculum is made to be inclusive and covers all the areas that a child would cover in a year of school. Each video is approximately 30 minutes long and the expectation is that the parent follows through and explore the ideas covered in that week’s videos. There are four videos each week and the hope is that the family will share in an outing or experience on the fifth day that will support the love of learning. 

The package includes four videos a week for 36 weeks. “Rest week” every 8th week. Each video is about 30 minutes long. Also, PDF worksheet packets are included as part of the curriculum and will be available late August for the 2023–2024 academic year.

Only enrolled students can view materials.