Science for Littles, 3rd – T/Th 1:00 PM with Rachel Miltner (2024-2025)

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Textbooks: The Good and the Beautiful: Motion and Simple Machines; Space Science and Marine Biology (FREE) download


Motion and Simple Machines course is filled with hands-on activities! Students will learn about motion and force, gravity, pulleys, levers, and so much more in this one-of-a-kind unit study. See Newton’s laws put into action and document the ways machines make our lives easier. Then build your own machine on our unique “Project Day” final lesson!

Space Science: Journey through the Milky Way and gain a greater appreciation for the majesty of God’s creations! Discover the wonders of our universe and the planets of our solar system, how astronomy has influenced our world, and much more in this family-style course. 

Marine Biology: Do you have a child who can’t get enough facts about sharks, whales, and other mysterious creatures of the deep? Explore these animals and discover even more about the ocean in this Marine Biology science unit. Through engaging lessons, stunning videos, simple experiments, and interactive learning, children will explore and gain a greater appreciation for some of the smallest of God’s creations as well as the largest creations on the planet.