RICHES – Fri. 3:00 PM with Mka. Monica Olsen

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In this class, we will feast on the following enrichment subjects:

  • The Shakespeare plays will be Henry V and The Winter’s Tale.
  • Poets will be Emily Dickinson and Langston Hughes. 
  • Artists will be Mary Cassatt and James Whistler (both American artists).
  • Composers will be Anton Dvorak and Aaron Copeland.

What we will do in class:

  • Observe paintings and students tell the class what they see
  • Teacher reads Lamb’s version of the Shakespeare play aloud and students tell back what they hear (it is available free online and can be printed: 
  • Students all play different roles and we all read Shakespeare’s play aloud in class and tell it back
  • Listen to selections of music
  • Practice our memory work (poem or psalm) with a partner
  • Say memory verses aloud to class

Each year the selections rotate, so that students could continue to take the class year after year and always encounter new material.

It is not only common, but advantageous for children of all ages in a homeschool family to share some studies in common, which is why this class is open to 4th-12th graders. This way siblings build a relationship with the material and with each other. Everyone can listen to the same music in the car on the way to the store, help each other memorize poems, and even share inside jokes from the plays.

Tuition for this course is per child, however multiple children enrolled in a family may share the same screen during class.

Younger siblings (K-3rd) are welcome to listen for free as long as they sit still (or off camera) and quiet. Parental presence would be required for these little ones.


Only enrolled students can view materials.