Music & Worship – Wed. 11:00 AM with Kh. Irene Khouri (2024-2025)

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Students must be able to read words but not necessarily music. There will be handouts and worksheets available that will need to be printed and should be kept in a three-ring binder throughout the year. Handouts may require colored markers or pencils to complete. Music scores will be provided for the student’s future use.

Summary: The purpose of this course will be to provide students with a better understanding of the
liturgical worship cycles within the Orthodox Church and the music used for worship during the various services.

To provide students with a better understanding of our Orthodox faith through reading of scripture, familiarization with liturgical hymnology and by encouraging participation in the worship services through singing and development of a better understanding of the vocabulary used in the hymnology and within the Church. I will expose the students to
different translations and both Slavic and Byzantine tones in order for them to understand that there is both a variety of music within the Orthodox Church as well as various traditions.