Level 2 Music Theory, "Music Horizons"

3rd-4th-5th-6th Music – Horizons, Level 2 – Wed. 11:00 AM with Pres. Suzanne Lichtenstein

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This is a Level 2 course for students (3rd to 6th grade) who have already taken Music Detectives or Music Fluency. It is also open to students who have already had 1–2 years of music experience in a choir, orchestra, or private music lessons.

Sailing into topics that go beyond the ordinary music lesson, we will look to the far horizons of Music Theory, seeking its true beauty and excitement. We will

  • Explore the Seven Western Modes.
  • Peer into the Mists of Counterpoint and Chords.
  • Dive into microtonal ear-training.
  • Climb Solfège Mountain and discover its sharps and flats.
  • Experiment with modulation and key changes.
  • Compose our own music.
  • Time Travel to ancient civilizations to discover the origins of written music.
  • Visit the Byzantine Empire during Lent, where we will experience the wonders and sounds of Church Modes and Byzantine Notation.

What to Expect:

  • Music-learning should be fun and encouraging, so the class will be taught with a lively emphasis on games, hands-on activities, and group interaction.
  • Classes are taught workshop-style, and will last between 40-45 minutes, in order to give the children plenty of time to explore activities, play music, and share ideas.
  • Homework will be due once or twice a week, requiring on average 10-20 minutesper assignment, and will consist of practicing short songs and making videos of them, handwriting with pencil on worksheets, composing on Noteflight.com, listening to music recordings, and occasionally playing online learning games.

Prerequisite: Prior completion of Music Detectives or Music Fluency will best equip the student for this class. However, 1-2 years of instrument lessons, choir, or orchestra experience can also qualify a student to take this course.

Follow-Up: After completing this course, students entering middle school will be ready for the Music Composition course. Younger students will benefit from additional years in Music Horizons, deepening their understanding as they delight in mastering skills.

Required Text/Materials:

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