Music Explorers, Level 1 (K-3) – Wed. 12:00 PM with Pres. Suzanne Lichtenstein (2024-2025)

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Music Explorers is our Level 1 Music Fluency course for elementary students.

Elementary children of all ages and abilities will enjoy this class. It is an introductory course in Music Fluency that covers Science of Sound, Solfege and Moveable Do/tonic, Music Theory, Music History, Composers & Genres, Composing, Introduction to Modes, and Introduction to Byzantine Notation. There is a class project in composing at the end of the year. 

What could be more fun than exploring the science and geography of Music? And the younger we start, the better! In this course, we will do the following:

  • Experiment with how sound works, research what makes higher and lower pitches, and make simple musical instruments.
  • Investigate the names of pitches and rhythms and discover how to use them.
  • Travel into Solfège Land, where we will learn to sing songs in Music Language, and use Kodaly-Curwen signs to examine the patterns of songs with our hands.
  • Learn to play songs on our class instrument. Students will begin playing songs on Day 1 and explore how to transfer these songs to other instruments in the home.
  • Compose our own short songs, writing both melody and lyrics.

We will also work on these life skills:

  • Handling mistakes calmly, and learning how to turn them into opportunities.
  • Opening the “practice toolbox” and testing out ways to learn efficiently.

What to Expect:

  • Music-learning should be fun and encouraging, so the class will be taught with a lively emphasis on games, hands-on activities, and group interaction. 
  • Classes are taught workshop-style, and will last approximately 45 minutes, in order to give the children plenty of time to explore activities, play music, and share ideas. 
  • Homework will be due once or twice a week, requiring on average 10-15 minutes per assignment, and will consist of practicing short songs and making videos of them, handwriting with pencil on worksheets, and composing on Songmaker and Noteflight (free web-based programs). 

Prerequisite: No previous experience needed. 

Required Text/Materials:

Only enrolled students can view materials.