Math 7 – T/Th 1:00 PM with Daniel Hartvigsen (2024-2025)

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Required Text/Books & Materials: Math Mammoth Grade 7 complete

A ruler that measures in inches and measures in centimeters

A protractor and compass


Summary: Math Mammoth Grade 7-A and Grade 7-B work texts comprise a complete math curriculum for seventh grade mathematics studies. This is a pre-algebra course, and students can continue to an algebra 1 curriculum after studying it or move to Math Grade 8 before entering high school Algebra.

The curriculum meets the Common Core Standards (CCS) for grade 7 but also exceeds them in several places. For example, we study linear equations in more depth than required in grade 7 CCS, and the curriculum includes the Pythagorean Theorem, which in the CCS is in grade 8. You can access a document detailing the alignment information at this link or in the download version of this curriculum.

We start out with an introduction to basic algebra, which is in many ways a review of the same topics from 6th grade. The first chapter reviews the order of operations, the concepts of an expression and equation, and the distributive property. Students learn about the commutative and associative properties of addition and multiplication, and they simplify expressions that don’t involve negative numbers.

Prerequisites: Completion of Grade 6 Math Mammoth or equivalent (homeschool) curriculum. Students will need to be familiar with the 4 functions of arithmetic and basic understanding of geometry

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