Latin HS Level 1, T/Th 2:00 PM with Mka. Natalia Wooten (2024-2025)

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Course Description:

In this course, students are introduced to the study of classical languages as a foundation of Western culture. The course familiarizes students with the grammatical and syntactical concepts specific to Latin, and gives them practice in hearing, reading, and speaking classical Latin, and gives an introduction to many historical and cultural topics concerning the ancient Romans as we proceed through Unit 1 and Unit 2 of the Cambridge Latin Course. The emphasis will be on mastery of both vocabulary and grammatical structures by means of physical response, engaging storytelling, and opportunity to practice. The course will be taught live twice weekly and students will be assigned online practice (see required materials below) and other homework between live sessions. 

Required Text:
Subscription Access to North American Cambridge Latin Course Digital Access ($22.45) (This includes access to both textbooks online as well as tools to practice vocabulary and grammar).

Supplementary Texts (not Required:)

Cambridge Latin Course Unit 1, 5th edition (ISBN: 9781107690639 for paperback or 9781107070936 for hardback) 

Cambridge Latin Course Unit 2, 5th edition (ISBN: 9781107699007 for paperback or  9781107070967 for hardback)