Intro to Sewing – Fri. 4:00 PM with Nymphodora Ward

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Required materials:

• Sewing Machine

• Iron and Ironing Board

• Basic sewing kit including: Scissors, hand needles (assorted sharps or tapestry, both are good for different things), thread, seam ripper, pins etc)

• Fabric for various projects (do not buy ahead of time, we will discuss thrifting and economical acquisition of fabric during class. Buying a bolt is expensive)

• Embroidery Hoop and floss

• Pattern of your choice

• Zipper, buttons, and other notions as needed

Summary:  This course focuses on basic sewing methods, fabric selection and identification, pattern usage, use of notions including buttons, zippers, etc. Types of hand stitches both for construction and decoration will be addressed. While some work can be done with a hand needle, students will need a sewing machine and access to fabric, either recycled or new. This class is project based so, while there will be some fact learning, the majority will be learned by practice through short, at home projects. The course will cover alterations for one’s own body and creating a garment from a pattern.

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