Home Economics (MS level) – Fri. 12:00 PM with Adrienne Bowling

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Home Economics is very important for a young person to learn. These skills are essential for life. What is a home? How can we be wise with our home? For young adults it begins with your room and your parent’s home. Many young adults do not know what it takes to run a sufficient home or even give it a passing thought, yet in our daily lives it is constantly before you. Then as you gain a family of your own you are caught in a whirlwind of frustration because you are having to learn all these skills WHILE running after busy toddlers or running from one event to another. Let’s learn these important things now before you have a family! 

On the spiritual side; what does an Orthodox home look like? Are there saints that talk about this topic? YES, they do! What if you don’t want a career outside the home and want to bless your family by being a godly stay at home wife and mother; this is where you learn them. Even if one does want to work outside the home you still need to learn how to run a peaceful home that blesses your family. Join me this year in learning the basics! 


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