French II – T/Th 3:00 PM with Maria Tsiaklides-Chalhoub (2024-2025)

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Required Text/Books:  First Start French II (available through Memoria Press or used bookstores online)

A French/English dictionary (

Prerequisites: Middle School Introduction to French is a highly beneficial and recommended class to have taken before French II, but not required. It is, however, required of students to have taken French I and have received a grade of C or above in that class before they can take French II.

Summary: French II is a high school course that builds on the basics of Middle School Introduction to French and the development of and additions to those basics introduced in French I.This class is meant for students to continue to practice and improve on material from French I. Students will also be introduced to some intermediate-level material, including irregular verbs and new, more
in-depth vocabulary.

This course is meant to introduce students to more in-depth French vocabulary and sentence structure than what was taught in French I, as well as a deeper look into Francophone customs and culture, and how these have been influenced by Orthodoxy and Orthodox saints. This course is meant to open the door to students to continue learning French and help students strengthen
their faith. Being bilingual is a highly-marketable skill, so studying another language can help students attain more career opportunities, and to help others.


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