French I – T/Th 2:00 PM with Maria Tsiaklides-Chalhoub (2024-2025)

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Required Text/Books: 

First Start French (available through Memoria Press or used bookstores online)

Ā·        A French/English dictionary (

Prerequisites: Some of you may have taken introductory French courses in the past. If so, great! However, this is a beginner class, so there are no necessary prerequisites.

Summary:Ā French I is a high school course that addresses the basics of middle school Introduction to French, and continue to build on material covered there. It is a beginner-level course. In addition to learning and practicing introductory-level French vocabulary and grammar, students will learn about Orthodox saints with a connection to the Francophone world, as well as about different cultural customs from the Francophone world and how they relate to Orthodoxy.

This course is meant to help solidify studentsā€™ understanding of and command of French language and culture at a beginnerā€™s level, as well as to contribute to their understanding of French culture and how Orthodoxy has impacted French culture. This course is meant to open the door to students to continue learning French and help students strengthen their faith. Being bilingual is a highly-marketable skill, so studying another language can help students attain more career opportunities, and to help others.

By the end of this course, students will:
-Achieve a basic level/understanding of French, including familiarity with basic vocabulary and how to conjugate regular, common present-tense verbs. This includes being able to read and write short sentences, as well as engaging in short, basic exchanges. Studentsā€™ progress will be monitored with formative speaking, reading, and writing assignments throughout each unit, as well as with summative assessments at the end of each unit.
-Be able to identify elements of Francophone culture and compare/contrast them to their own culture.
-Be able to identify at least 3 Orthodox saints who influenced the Francophone world and what their contributions accomplished.


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