English – Level 3 – 8th grade, T/Th 4:00 PM with Katherine Grace

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Summary: Building on the foundation of level 2, this course aims to help students work through even more complex texts with a more direct link between the “Good Books” and the “Great Books”. Students will continue to grow in their foundational understanding of the components of various genres of literature and develop synthetic thinking skills from a foundation of the Orthodox Christian faith, with the end result of being able to recognize patterns and make connections across a broad spectrum of literature. The focus will continue to be on careful attention to show passages, from which the students should learn practical lessons on spelling, grammar, and punctuation. Finally, it aims to teach students to retell narrative stories, especially more complex ones, and write effective expository and narrative essays.

Prerequisites: Ability to type (for taking dictation on studied passages during class). It is recommended that students have been previously introduced to the 8 parts of the speech and the other grammatical skills covered in levels 1 & 2 before enrolling in this class.

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