English 11/12 – T/Th 3:00 PM with Katherine Grace (2024-2025)

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Required Texts: 

Please note that I have recommended specific editions and translations of the works below.  These are the translations and editions I will be using to teach.  It is possible to find all of the works we will be studying in free or low-cost versions online and elsewhere, especially editions that are out of copyright.  However, I find that most students do not normally read Shakespeare, his contemporaries, and other English authors prior to Shakespeare in the original language, and that they therefore will greatly benefit from having an edition with explanatory notes and commentary.  Even if your student knows Old English, a translation of Beowulf is essential, as we will not be studying the poem in its entirety in the original.   

Summary: Students are introduced to various stories: ancient and modern, comedies and tragedies, fiction and nonfiction. Students will develop knowledge of the basic components of a story and an appreciation for technique that authors use to make their work both engaging and beautiful. Class discussion will take place from a foundation of Orthodox Christian values, as we explore how the characters reflect, or fail to reflect, the wisdom which is revealed to us through the Orthodox Christian faith. Writing assignments can be adapted for the needs of each student. They will include summaries, a personal narrative, a fictional story, and a research paper. Parts of speech, spelling, grammar, punctuation, creative and technical writing will be activities implemented throughout the course.

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