Creative Writing – Fri. 11:00 AM with Mka. Monica Olsen

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This is an elective for teens who love to write stories!

Each week in class we will read aloud a great short story or chapter from a novel. We’ll look at it to see what makes it work. After identifying some specific techniques, we will try them out ourselves with short exercises. The goal is to give emerging writers a toolchest of techniques so that they become more able to tell the stories they want to tell.

Some of these techniques include paying attention to the sound of our writing, making our writing more interesting for the reader, cleaning up common grammar mistakes that get in the way of the story, seeing how different Points of View & Voice can change a story, learning how to know when to show and when to tell, and practicing being a part of a writing community by giving each other helpful feedback and encouragement. We will also look at some common story structures to give your imagination a successful form.


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