Computer Science – Fri. 12:00 PM with Prsb. Amelia Uhlman (2024-2025)

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Prerequisites:​ The student should be comfortable with operating a computer, accessing web sites, following instructions step-by-step, and recording their findings. It is important to teach our youth how computers work and how they can help, or harm, our spiritual life.

Summary: Cell phones, email, websites, and electronic banking are becoming common and, in some cases required, for a person to live in today’s world. It is important to teach our youth how computers work and how they can help, or harm, our spiritual life. Teaching our youth the beginner’s programming algorithms and showing them how a programming software works broadens their view of the computer science, giving them the opportunity to explore the science behind technology.

This class will introduce the students to the world of computer science. It will explore the hardware,software, and user interfaces that they encounter each day. The students will learn the difference between different operating systems, networking, storage, digital security, and social media sites. This class will enable the student to make informed decisions when using digital devices and interacting on-line. It will also act as a starting point for those students who want to pursue a career in computer science by introducing them to information security, networking, storage, email, web hosting and design, mobile computing, and introductory algorithms that make up the foundation of every programming language. The students will be briefly introduced to C-programming.

By the end of this course, students will have an in-depth understanding of computer science and its role in their lives. They will know what a cookie is and how it affects their online browsing experience. They will understand what SSL is and why it is needed for a secure on-line experience. This class will teach them the hardware that runs their electronic devices, the software that runs on the hardware, and how that software helps contribute to an on-line digital profile that follows them wherever they go. The student will be empowered to make intelligent and informed decisions about their digital purchases and online behavior. Ultimately, the students will combine sequences, conditionals, and loops to create their own algorithms and flowcharts. They will recognize simple programs in C and have an idea of how they work.


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