Classical Greek III – T/Th 4:00 PM with Brian Ashland

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Continuing our study of the language of ancient Athens, the language of Socrates, Plato, and Aristotle among others. Modern Greek pronunciation will be used as a basis for reading instead of an historical phonological reconstruction. Throughout the year, we will continue to parse morphological constructions, building upon our understanding of syntax as we begin to read increasingly complex texts. Many states accept classical languages as credit for the foreign language requirement.

Required Text (to be purchased by the parents/guardians)

  • Athenaze Book II 2nd Ed. 2003 by Balme and Lawall, Oxford University Press. ISBN 9780195149579

Please have the book by the first class or soon thereafter.

Recommended text (optional, not required)

  • Athenaze WorkBook II 2nd Ed. 2004 by Lawall, Johnson, and Miraglia Oxford University Press. ISBN 9780195149548


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