Classical Drawing – Fri. 2:00 PM with Nicholas Thorp (2024-2025)

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Historically, art students focused on perfecting the traditional techniques by imitating great artists of the past and learning how to covey objects in a visually beautiful way before moving onto artistic expression. Many art classes today only cover individual expression to the neglect of technique. In this class, Mr. Thorp will bring his experience apprenticing under two of the foremost portrait and figurative painters in the country to pass on to students the methods of western artists that were nearly lost in the 20th century. Students will be challenged to refine their drawing skills and learn discipline from self-evaluation and receiving constructive criticism. They will be doing a survey of the Bargue Drawing Course, a rigorous 19th century series of progressively more challenging drawings to copy made to teach beginning students how to draw precisely. All of the most rigorous ateliers in the world follow this exact same drawing curriculum (e.g., Grand Central Atelier, Florence Academy). Students of all abilities and interests are encouraged to join. 

MATERIALS: Pencil, eraser, and paper. Ideally drawing pencils, sketchbook, etc. but it’s not strictly necessary. Digital pictures will be used for reference, so a printer would help, but also not necessary.

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