Chemistry – T/Th 4:00 PM with Julia Sheridan (2024-2025)

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Required Text/Books: This course will follow the GAvirtual Chemistry course embedded in Canvas. Additional short texts or videos may be added where clarification is needed. Additionally short quizzes will be assigned after each topic and two final exams (one at the end of each semester) will review the topics covered during each semester.

Summary: This high school chemistry course serves both as an introduction to the world of chemistry and a strong foundation for later college courses in chemistry. We will cover atomic theory, the periodic table, bonds, chemical formulas, chemical reactions and equations, mass relationships, stoichiometry, gas laws, solutions, acids and bases, thermochemistry, reaction rates and equilibrium. By the end of the year, students will have the confidence to discuss these abstract topics and their relevance to the world we live in, and they will also have the concrete skills associated with this science (such as balancing equations, drawing Lewis dot structures, and analyzing chemical equilibrium). No previous knowledge of chemistry is needed.



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