Chemistry – T/Th 12:00 PM with Gabi Hamblin

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Required Text/Books: Apologia’s Exploring Creation With Chemistry 2nd edition (ISBN 9781932012262) with Life of Fred Chemistry (9781937032197) as a supplementary text.

Parents need NOT get both unless they want to; they may get Fred instead if they believe their child will not read Exploring Creation with Chem; but the child will be expected to read on their own outside of class. 

Summary:The Introduction to Chemistry course will provide the student with basic chemistry concepts, including Matter, Measurements, Periodic Law, Chemical Bonding, Formulas, Compounds, Equations/Reactions, Stoichiometry, Gas Laws, Solutions, and Acid/Base Chemistry. The course will include several at-home, hands-on experimental labs, utilizing everyday household chemicals. This course utilizes a quantitative approach to many of the above topics, and it is strongly recommended that the student be concurrently enrolled in, or have successfully completed Algebra I (or higher) to be confident in the mathematical operations we will be applying to the study of Chemistry.


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