Biology – T/Th 1:00 PM with Sadie Paniagua

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Required Text/Books: The Princeton Review, Biology Coloring Workbook will be utilized regularly for overview and reinforcement of key topics, this is the only required book. No physical textbook purchase is required, as open source online texts will be utilized alongside pdf excerpts from multiple texts. Refer to Syllabus for complete information

Summary: The St. Athanasius Academy High School Biology course is designed to build a strong foundation in this basic, but vital, life science from an Orthodox perspective. This year long curriculum will cover each aspect of biology from the perspective of what makes something alive. Every organism to every species must fulfill the four characteristics of living things. Can they reproduce, maintain homeostasis, grow and
develop and respond to their environment. We will view everything through the lens of what make something alive and its relationship to God’s creation. We will take a deep dive into cells, tissues, organs, organ systems and functional organisms. We will be looking at everything from simple cellular microorganism to plants, animals and the human body. We will also review and put into perspective the different theories of
evolution, creationism, intelligent design, asexual and sexual reproduction and ecology from an Orthodox view.

Course Aims and Outcomes: This course is intended to provide students with the following:
• An increased understanding of the scientific method, what science is and what it is not, and how
scientific thinking is utilized from an Orthodox worldview.
• An understanding of the foundations of formation of life in this world.
• An ability to use scientific vocabulary to write and converse about the course content.
• A foundational understating of the biological principles at play in the world around us and the ability
to apply that understanding to make decisions throughout their life.
Prerequisites: Students are expected to have the following background in each area:
• Science: Foundational experience with a variety of science classes studying living things and the
environment, such as Earth systems, a diverse selection of animals and plants, and ecosystems.
• Math: Concepts through algebra 1 will be applied to scientific calculations. A minimum of successful
completion of pre-algebra is necessary.
• History: World History context with which to understand the main eras of science history.
• English: Grade level reading, writing, conversation, and research skill

SYLLABUS – If you are having any issues with this link, please access the syllabus through our course google drive folder.

Check out our complete assignment summary, with FAQ for parents here.

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