Biblical Greek IV – Wed & Fri. 11:00 AM with Brian Ashland (2024-2025)

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Course Description – Over the academic year, we will go through the greek text of Mark discussing the linguistic forms and semitic syntax in order to exegete the over all meaning of the text.

Please note: No English translation will be provided or used by the instructor. Students, of course, are encouraged to translate and share their own interpretations of the text. The purpose of the class is for student to immerse themselves in NT Greek, becoming conversant with the language of St. Mark’s Gospel. While themes and exegesis of the book will take place – the class is not a book study but a familiarization with reading and identifying important features of the greek text. 

Required Text (free):

The Gospel Accoring to Saint Mark –

Recommended text (optional, not required)

  • The Greek New Testament. UBS 5th Ed.  ISBN 978-3438051189

Course Competencies/Learning Objectives (this can be comprehensive or brief)

  • Reviewing and cementing parsing and declining First, Second, and Third Declension nouns and adjectives.
  • Reviewing and cementing parsing and conjugating verbs – Omega verbs and Mi verbs present in the present, imperfect, aorist, perfect, and pluperfect tenses; active and middle voices; indicative, imperative, participle, and infinitive moods.
  • Learning more advanced Greek syntax and sentence structures along with specific Semitically influenced syntax present in Mark’s Gospel.
  • Reviewing the Modern pronunciation of Greek for reading in our text.