American History – T/Th 2:00 PM with Fr. Michael Heningham

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Required Text/Books: Supplied by the teacher.
Summary: This study will explore the social and spiritual forces that shaped the history of the United States.  Instead of statistics and dates, it will take an apolitical path of how humanity managed to develop the most unique human experience in history combining cultures and mythologies from all around the globe as an expression of destiny and exceptionalism.  We will be going where most histories have not gone before, to look behind the scenes and get as close as knowing the people of the times and what they experienced, and how they made decisions that impact, and to a degree, control our lives today.  We will learn about the failures and the miracles, and how none of it was an accident.  Through this study of American History, we will learn about the wisdom, fulfillment, and inspirations that were inherited from the most ancient times and continue to inspire the people of our nation.

In most states, this class is a required class for graduation.

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