8th/9th grade Physical Science – T/Th 9:00 AM with Dcn. Michael DeHaven

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Textbook: Exploring Creation with Physical Science, 2nd Edition (not the current edition)
Summary: In this class, students will continue their formal study of science through a physical science course focused on our planet.  Students will continue to develop skills in designing and executing experiments, using the scientific method, and writing lab reports.  Topics of study include atoms  and molecules, air, water, Earth’s atmosphere, hydrosphere, and lithosphere, weather, motion, Newton’s Laws, gravity, electromagnetism, atomic forces, waves, sound, light, and astronomy.  

Strongly recommended before enrolling in this class: 
1. completion of a 7th grade general science or other course with rigorous investigation of the scientific
2. method, limitations of science, and history of science;  concurrent enrollment in or past completion of pre-algebra

This course can be completed at the eighth grade level and be counted toward high school science requirement.

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