5th Science – T/Th 10:00 AM with Adrienne Bowling

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Required Text: Student does not need a text. The parent may purchase the hardcopy of the science units from The Good and The Beautiful, but that is not a requirement. The student will need access to a printer. We will be discussing Kingdoms and Classification/Botany/Arthropods
Materials: A science journal, a 3-ring binder with dividers to separate the units, access to a printer, a small space to create a science wall. There are microscope activities, so if you want to do that, please purchase a microscope. This will be used in 2 of the units as well. The microscope is not mandatory. There will be a few hands-on project-based assignments to enhance learning.
Summary: This year we will be studying biology: Kingdoms and Classification, Botany, and Arthropods. We will explore animals and plants using the The Good and The Beautiful science curriculum. We will study their classifications, cells, life cycles, reproduction, and watch science videos while learning to make science journals. This course will be semi-hands on with the projects and experiments being low key and cost efficient. I will give a list of what supplies needed a month in advance.



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