Math 5 – T/Th 3:00 PM with Nymphodora Ward (2024-2025)

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Required Text: Math Mammoth, Grade 5 complete set includes tests and answer key. This curriculum has two student works texts with plenty of extra instruction to help with assignments.

Summary: Students will focus on the four operations with whole numbers, place value with large numbers and the judicious use of calculator, problem solving and simple equations, decimal arithmetic (all operations with decimals), statistics and graphing, all operations with fractions, geometry: review angles, area, and perimeter; drawing circles; classifying triangles and quadrilaterals; volume of rectangular prisms. 5th grade Math Mammoth liberal uses the method of word problems which brings math into our every day world.

Prerequisites: This class assumes that you will have completed math 4. You should know how to add, subtract, and begin to have an understanding of multiplication. You do not have to have all your multiplication facts memorized.

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