Social Studies 4 – T/Th 12:00 PM with Adrienne Bowling (2024-2025)

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Required Text: Minn of the MississippiPaddle to the SeaTree in the Trailand Seabird all by Holling C. Holling. The books can be bought in other places besides Beautiful Feet Books, but so far, I think BFB has the best prices unless you buy used copies, which would be perfectly acceptable!

Required MapsGeography Map Set can only be bought at BFB. Parents don’t need to buy the teacher’s guide, but it can be helpful as we move through the curriculum. The PDF copy is just $13.95.

Summary: Learning about America with Geography through Literature from Beautiful Feet Books. Holling C. Holling has four wonderful books that take us through the United States and the North American continent. We will learn about the geography of our country, our landmarks, natural science, as well as the history of the many people groups that have lived and continue to live in those states. World geography is pulled into our study when we begin reading Seabird. This class will also include instruction in writing with several writing assignments, based on what we are learning in class. Students will need the four Holling C. Holling books and the maps that Beautiful Feet Books sells for this curriculum. Students will also need a 3-ring binder with at least 4 sections. 

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