4th Science – T/Th 9:00 AM with Adrienne Bowling

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4th Grade Science: Geology, Ecosystems, and Water our World

Required Text: None required at this time. A book on simple machines may be added.
Required tools: Students will need a 3-ring binder with at least four sections. Materials for science experiments will be listed in the syllabus and I will do my best to keep costs to a minimum for the experiments. 
Materials: A writing journal, access to a printer, a three ringed binder with dividers for their assignments, a small place for a science wall. We will be using The Good and The Beautiful science units. There will be a book list that the teacher will give out in the summer before school starts.
Summary:  This year in 4th grade science we will explore the world of geology, ecosystems, and Water and Our World. We will look at rocks and minerals, we will discover how our ecosystems work and how to take care of them. Lastly, we will look at how water works and why it’s so important to our world. We will do some fun low-key experiments, watch science videos, and do on-going science journaling.  



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