Blessed feast of St. Athanasius!

God bless you all on this, the feast of our patron, St. Athanasius!


On this day we celebrate the life of our school’s patron: St. Athanasius of Alexandria! As a child, Athanasius not only studied the Holy Scriptures and traditions of the Church, but loved them so much that he often “played church” with his friends. During one such game, the Archbishop (St. Alexander) witnessed Athanasius baptize one of the pagan children precisely as he had seen done many times at his church. St. Alexander called the children and their parents to meet with him, where he declared the baptism valid and offered to mentor young Athanasius so as to continue nurturing his desire to know God deeply and serve the Church faithfully.

Our academy relies on this beloved saint’s prayers as we work to inspire the same love of learning and the pursuit of our Lord. We seek, likewise, to imitate his zeal for the Body of Christ by always setting education in its proper context: preparation for life in the Church. St. Athanasius, pray for us!