Add Children to your Account

Fake emails or combined emails cannot be accepted. Each child must have their own working email address. The system will not accept duplicate email addresses. If you are using, parents with younger children can create an email specifically for a minor and link to a parent’s current email address in google.

A confirmation email will be sent to the email address provided for your child. Please make sure to check your spam folder. Once the email is received, there will be a link to click on agreeing to link your child’s account to your parent account. This step needs to be done for each registered child* to connect them to their courses.

Connect your child(ren) to previously purchased courses at “Assign Children to Classes“, or if you still need to purchase courses, please use the main navigational menu bar (above) for Elementary“, “Middle School“, or “High School.

*Please note: If multiple children are selecting the same course, a separate order will need to be done. Fill out the Student Registration Form to process separate transactions. ie: Register, Purchase course(s), link student. Register second child, Purchase course(s) again, and link second student. Repeat as necessary.

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